happy canada day, heres a great idea for Uber

Passengers should be able to Favorite their favorite drivers. Even in a 10 minute trip a connection can be made and you want to have that driver again. Unfortunately Uber’s algorithm only matches a passenger with the closest driver.

However, one of your favorite drivers might just be 1 or 2 minutes away from the closest driver so it might not be that inconvenient.

PLUS, because both Uber and drivers want those dolla dolla bills .. IF the passenger chooses to use their favorite driver, Uber should alert the passenger that the fare is multiplied by 1.5x as a “tip” to the driver.

Would you pay 25% more to ride with someone who you actually liked enough to Favorite? As opposed to some random person who you might not like? Of course you would.  Drivers are the same way. I would much rather drive someone who I liked who went out of their way to Favorite me, who also is waiting a little longer for me, and is willing to give me a 25% bonus.

This is one of those rare win-win-win scenarios.

The kind that never see the light of day because not enough people read the busblawwwwg any mores.