1. Friday, June 9, 2017

    what if im a horrible person 

    would i even know?

    do terrible people even care after a while?

    i dont think so which is troubling because i sure as hell dont care.

    but i dont want to be a nuisance or a bummer.

    i dont go out any more and i dont stay in.

    either i ESP with people or i use braille.

    ive turned into an extremely aggressive driver.

    but i do use my signals.

    i wrote someone an invitation to the greatest offer in the world the other day

    and i know she read it because it says so

    but she did not reply.

    which tells me,

    maybe im a terrible person

    which makes her think no way could this be what it appears to be

    even though its an invitation to something

    so great. so cool. so what is needed right now.

    but if the wrong messenger sends it

    it gets forgotten.

    what would a not terrible person do or say in this situation?

    probably nothing.

    the terribles are always so loud.