dear tony, why don’t you Uber/Lyft on Sundays?

im not sure if youve noticed but i am a devout follower of Jesus Christ.

we can hem and haw about some of the so-called rules in the bible, but it’s hard to call bullshit on something that was literally

written in stone.

and Take A Damn Day Off Once A Week

is written in stone right along with dont fucking murder any one and dont steal anyones shit.

you know, the list of no-brainers.

whats beautiful about why God tells us to take a day off every week is because

HE took a day off and when he looked back at it

it dawned on him that it was so good that everyone should take it off.

basically: sure you could work every day, but it is better if you don’t, and because you are probably like me and wont remember to take a day off, im gonna write it down for both of us so that we both remember

do not work every day.

indeed, on your day off, try to do as nothing as you can.

just chill til the next episode.

whats interesting is even at the xbi my bosses eventually stopped asking me to do things on weekends because i would start to get a little aggro if i wasn’t given the space to just

super unplug for two days straight.

like nothing having to do with work. no gameplans. no screenshots. no motivations.


no xbi nothing.

and then monday id come in there hot as a rocket.

im old enough to remember the Tony Express.

back in olden times people tried to ride their horse from St Louis to Californee but about 1/3 of the way there, their horse would just sit down

and never get up.

the indians would be all, bro you have to give them rest. and water. and then rest.

but the cowboys would be like, but we have somewhere we gotta be.

so the smart people said, step right up, step right up, have we got something for you

it’s called the Tony Express

we’ve got horses, rested and watered horses, every hundred miles. you get on one, ride it fast and hard 100 miles, get off, and hop on a new happy one who’s had its two days of rest.

and it will run like youve never seen run ‘afore.

and then you get on the next-un and so on till youre in the Golden State faster’n youd ever believed.

then a giant conglomerate bought a bunch of horses too, called it the Pony Express

and history forgot about the inventor of it all

everyone, that is,

except the xbi.