1. Wednesday, July 5, 2017

    bear with me 

    took the cats in yesterday to get their annual check up and the lady said

    these are the most behaved cats ive seen in here in a long time.

    which is true, they’re good animals and ive taught them to be chill.

    we have this little ESP that they clearly learned from the xbi

    and im in the same wave length

    today i was over by the beach getting ready to drive a whole lotta

    4th of July Uber and Lyft rides when i got a message

    yo, you should come back home

    even though Prince and Michael can deal with rectal exams and weird offices

    the booming of the fireworks in Hollywood apparently made them


    as i drove through LA fireworks blossomed to the left and the right of me

    like a coronation

    it made me a little emotional because i love this city so much

    and the weather was perfect and seriously every block there were little groups of people

    just launching surface to air missiles with beautiful results.

    for my entire half hour drive

    boom boom ahhhhhhh

    got home and the cats first pretended like it was all nbd

    but soon they were both in my room,

    high up by the tvs

    and alert.