it might not be for you, but for me Ubering is spiritual

youre out there swimming with sharks

the people of Los Angeles aren’t the greatest drivers.

they’re from all over the world, they have different ideas of what the rules of the road are

they’re drunk, they’re high, they’re fighting via text, they’re taking selfies, they’re eating, they’re mad, sad, joyous

and the traffic isn’t great.

thus, if you don’t have to be out there, you probably shouldn’t because you could get hit, shot, enticed into a fight.

the earth could open up and swallow you right in there.

therefore if you ask me, you should trust your instincts. if you dont wanna be out there, dont go. if you feel trapped, escape. if you are solely doing it for the money or the surge or the bonus: i cant imagine too many good things happening.

but if youre out there first and foremost to help the people get around then you will.

if youre out there to be informative and loving and you are sharing the city with your passengers

then very good things will happen

sometimes even for you.