aj was all im house sitting and this pool is so empty

so i threw down my Cubs hat and said


amber was all, can i come? i was like, do you have a bikini?

she said, do i.

all of us are straight edge so aj had kumbucha, amber had ice tea and i brought over two bottles of mexi-Fanta Grape soda.

we stood in the remarkably warm pool and told amber about our first encounters with Os, who we agreed had miraculously only become handsomer as time has gone on.

and then we adjourned to the hot tub. AJ’s Bose speaker made my Amazon branded bluetooth speaker insecure and pouty. it was not at all as booming and beautiful as her Bose. in fairness the Amazon cost about 1/3 of the Bose, but music is something one should invest in.

at some point we got hungry. the Oinkster down the street seemed like a perfectly ridiculous option. then i said, i know a sushi joint in Pasadena. the food isn’t great but theres little boats that circle the sushi chefs and it’s funny to watch.

that one got the most votes and the food was better than i remembered.

bonus: we got to watch Max Scherzer toss 7 shut out innings on a little tv hanging on a wall.

today i take the cats to the vet for their annual check up.

Michael has some bite marks on her neck and i want to make sure they arent the work of Vampires.