1. Sunday, July 16, 2017

    yesterday LAist had a great party 

    so many of your favorite people were there.

    special guests included Peter from Kanpai

    and current LAist editor Julia Wick

    it was so great to see everyone and catch up and hug and drink and eat and omg the party just flew by

    but no one wants to hear about how much we all love each other

    after everyone left, amber and i realized that we had way too much food

    as we both have to maintain our bikini bods.

    so i said, lets put some of these in bags and drive down to the tiny intersection park in Los Feliz on Hollywood where the homeless have set up tents.

    somehow i ended up with a garbage bag full of about 20 cans of Bud Light.

    i said, before we give anyone any food, i need to get this out of my house, lets just do this run first.

    so we put it in my trunk and headed to the spot.

    but Alas, no one was there!?

    so we drove down Hollywood Blvd looking for tents that have popped up in and around our fair city over these last few years.

    i know i know, a lot of these downtrodden men and women are alcoholics and you really shouldnt be giving them garbage bags full of cold beer in the middle of the night light some deranged santa and his long legged blond Ms Claus

    but Bud Light is basically bubbly beer-ish water

    right before we got to the Fonda we saw these two black dudes next to a tent just past the Museum of Death

    i stopped and said, you fellas want some cold beer?

    they both stood straight up and ran over to the car. i popped the trunk, they dug in, said thanks and we were gone.


    so we got back home. amber found 6-7 brown grocery store bags. in each of them we put beer in bottles, hot dog buns(!), candy, more candy, pretzels, chips, water and magazines because i have way too many magazines.

    drove back to the brothers but they were busy inside the tent drinking

    turned the corner at pep boys and drove to the 101 underpass and saw a few tents

    amber yelled out the window sweetly to this gay guy, would you like some food?

    he jumped up and saw the trunk and amber got out and helped him

    he took all 7 bags. she helped him go back to the tent

    and when she returned she said

    someone was shooting up in that tent.

    which made me sad i didnt put any cold Cokes in there.

    anyways, mission accomplished.

    LAist, once again, giving back to the hood.