you are loved you are loved you are really really loved

hot babes in LA are like fancy cars. everywhere.

i dont think ive ever seen an ugly girl here.

not one.

had this slick young black dude from manhattan in the back.

he was, “i did NOT see a bentley convertible just pass two Maybachs on the same block.

i was all this is beverly hills. that doesnt happen here it doesnt happen.


pretty girl with a dimple and light eyes says look at that im gonna be on time

we were going from venice to restaurant row, across town.

she said 30 minute ride? im normally late.

i asked her her star sign.

she said aquarius.

i said, interesting thing about aquarius is after they complete a big task

like host a baby shower or do a big report or something

they feel empty.

because they are the water bearers and their giant pot is now gone.

i said, does that ring true to you?

she said no.

i said good astrology’s for the birds

we were headed to the most expensive sushi joint in all of LA

i said im jealous of you

she said im jealous of me

i asked where she went to college. i dont know why. but i always do.

maybe because i just wanna talk about ucsb.

everyone smiles when you mention it.

she said usc. i said omg did you hear about your medical dean?

she was all scandal!

we bonded beautifully then sighed

i miss college, she

me too, me

sometimes i think of all the books i should have read there

i said, i still got so many of mine, still unread

she said i dont think ive ever finished a book


i said why do you think thats the case?

she said, maybe because i feel sad after i finish things

and then winked at me when she caught me looking