todays the busblogs birthday, it’s sweet sixteen

sixteen years ago i was doing some washing by the river.

i looked into the weeds and there i saw a little tiny raft and a blog wrapped tightly in a blanket.

i swam over to the scene and the blog was barely alive. it was ugly. it had very little to say other than ba baaa

i said, is that your name?

it said ba baaaaa

i said busblog?

and then i saw a stream of urine seep down its leg.

i picked it up and dunked it into the river to wash it and a light shot down from the Heavens

apparently i had inadvertently baptised it AND named it.

son of a!

when i looked back to the now-empty dingy i spotted a Post It which had been placed on the blog’s head

on it was written a curious phrase

nothing in here is true.

i gave it a home on my url:

it wasn’t grand or interesting because at the time i didn’t think it would survive the night.

but alas, quickly it grew and grew and everyone wanted to see the little thing.

i said, what about my fully formed website?

they said, but your beautiful baby blog is fantastic!

and it grew and as it did i learned it had magical powers beyond my wildest dreams.

and every year it did something weirder and more beautiful than the last.

and now it’s 16 and wants to drive.

so be it.

happy birthday blog of my dreams.

thank you for coming into my life.