i wish you knew me, she said

i said, oh i know you.

she said if you knew me we wouldnt fight so much.

if you knew me you would have called me this morning on your way to work.

if you knew me youd tell me how your day was when i ask.

if you knew me SHE wouldn’t be in your apartment.

i said, youre so young you wear purple lipstick and

lip STAIN, she corrected

i said youre so young you think theres a difference between lipstick and lipstain

also, i know you.

i know what you want (Everything).


but you cannot have everything and that bothers you.


and what you need to understand is what you should focus on instead of the things that You want are the things that people less fortunate than you


oh god.


i wish you knew me

she mumbled.