ive seen a lot of things in my life and im only half way done

one thing ive seen is the magic power of the people.


ive also see the magic power of super terrible d bags.

other day i was walking down my street and this family was walking their new puppy.

puppy squats down and unloads a big steaming log.

nice old asian lady was watching to see what they were gonna do because it was gross.

family just kept moving.

lady yells PICK UP AFTER DOG


the dad placed his cigarette into his mouth and raised his hand up in the air and flipped her a bird.

my mouth was agape.

old lady’s mouth was agape!

even the little puppy’s mouth was agape because even the puppy knew you shouldnt flip off old ladies.

then from above us the clouds grew dark, congregated, shook a little

and then lightning struck the dad dead right there on Cahuenga.

a little smoke rose from his heap.

the dog sniffed the dad only to be tugged away by the leash which was now being held by the mom.

the family began walking again.

old lady yelled PICK UP AFTER DAD