dear tony, why haven’t you written in like sooooo long?

dear britney,

omg i know. right?

picked up these four kids in beverly hills. i mean kids.

seventh grade.

we’re headed to the grove and unlike many of the kids i occasionally get on uber or lyft, these boys are really well behaved.

what’s going on at the Grove today, boys? i ask.

“nothing much. just signing some autographs, waving to the tourists.” one of them say.

we drove down 3rd Street and i was all, what are those people standing in line for?

must have been 30-40 people.

“sneakerheads!” the kid next to me says.

is that all, i ask

kid goes “yeah, shoes are overrated.”

one of his friends in the back says, “whatever, Gucci.”

another says “dude’s got Gucci flip flops!”

kid next to me says, “they’re my uncle’s”

i demand to see said flip flops. they’re quickly produced.

kid has black socks on and black Gucci sandals

manufacturer’s suggested price: $200.

i go, well, they are cool.

agreements all around.

i say, answer me a question about the 7th grade.

eagerly they await my amazing ponder.

i ask, what do 7th graders think of our president?

from the back, a kid says, “oh donald dunk. donald dump? uh…”

another finishes the thought, “everyone hates him.”

Gucci next to me says, “well a few say they like him but we all yell at them.”

we took a selfie at a stop light. they added me on Insta.

and when i dropped them off they all waved and said thank you!

thank YOU

Thank YOU!