dear tony, why is everything terrible and only getting worse

in the days of Chimpanzees, i was a blogger.

and what i learned during that beautifully explosive era is: context.


are things terrible?

only the important things.

are they getting worse?

yes, but just technically.

in all your favorite movies here’s the structure:

the main characters are introduced

you fall in love with them

then their lives are fucked with ruthlessly

and at some point they say Fuck This Shit and do something spectacular.

and if it’s a really good movie they are challenged again

and if it is a super great movie they team up with someone you overlooked in the first act

and TOGETHER they kick the crap out of the evil that’s bumming everyone out.

we are about to find ourselves involved with the Something Spectacular

we are about to do the things that we always knew we could do but for some reason we have not seen the need to kick it into that higher gear. but i promise you that gear exists and it will take a little more than just moving the gear


from the upright, locked position

and into the downlow, unlocked re-position.

to get there we will need to mash the


we are about to be clutch.

things are about to move in ways that they were designed.

in ways that will create magic.

in ways that will serve others.

it is right for you to question.

but it is best if you realize that you are the answer.

so let’s rock.