drove 100 miles yesterday for Lyft n Uber

first ride was right close to my work. two hollywood producers from up north. they didn’t know movies. it was weird.

the one guy kept asking the other guy “who is that?” and they were talking about Famous people!

we were speeding across town to go from one fancy hotel to another.

i mighta blown my tip when, while driving north on La Brea, one of the dudes asks, “so we’re taking side streets?”

i said, “gotta take them to get to the freeway, but yes.”

it came across snotty i think. am i defensive about my routes? maybe. sometimes.

but i did follow up by asking, “is there a way you wanna go?” he said no. he was just asking.

after that i saw that i was in an area that Uber was giving us a 1.7x bonus.

i was downtown where you have to be careful because a lot of times people are just going 5-6 blocks and its annoying because you have to wait for them and the roads are packed and youre double parked and ughhh.

but at 1.7x i figured i would head over to the train station and see if i could get a long ride from there because often people get off the train and have to go to places where there isnt a train station like Santa Monica or Manhattan Beach or Pasadena.

got over there and immediately got a ping. and whattya know it was a Select ride! thank you Lord!

ended up being a really good kid who had some birth defect or learning disability. he sounded like Rain Man a little.

he sat in the front seat which is extremely rare for Uber Select. i hit the app and saw he was going way out over to the Wesssside. $40 ride at least for me, probably $60 for him.

i said, this is Select, you know that right? he said yep.

and we were off.

while talking it became obvious that his parents were very rich doctors and he regularily takes the train East to volunteer at a hospital.

which ward did you work at today? i asked

The Burn Unit he said.

dude, youre going straight to Heaven.

i know, he laughed.

i was all, do you go there often? he said every Monday Wednesday and Fridays. so i told him i would see him on Wednesday at the same time.

he was all, ok!

my goal every week is $200 as that is what my car costs when all is said and done. if i could make $120 of that on one passenger, i could probably hit $300 every week.

best laid plans tho so relax.

so there i was at UCLA pretty happy with myself. i texted amber to see what she had planned for the night. maybe we would get some grub somewhere.

when ping i got a call from the center of UCLA. usually i would cancel that because those rides are shorter than DTLA ones.

turned out this woman wanted to go to Rancho PV, which is damn near long beach. 22 mile ride.

but it was Uber X at only 1.3. I told amber i wouldnt be home till 10pm and id be exhausted from doing the 10 twice and now the 405 there and the 110 to get home.

she is always a good sport so she said there will be food when i got home.

for some reason traffic was a dream and i did the whole thing in no time and got home at 9:30p

amber had told me not to go to fast food, that there would be food waiting so when i got home and there wasnt

i was mad.

here i had this super profitable day driving, traffic was amazing, a half naked babe was cooking for me and all i could feel was unfulfilled entitlement.

it made me upset that i was mad because it reminded me of people who would get mad even though others were doing nice things for them.

i dont wanna be that guy.

so i took a walk to get her some milk that she needed for the mashed potatoes and apologized profusely for being a jerk.

its weird how automatic emotions can filter up.

i got emotional thinking about how i am not 100 per cent in control of my feelings all the time and sometimes they are dark.

she said you are super kind, you were not mean, you have nothing to apologize about.

but i knew what was inside and it reminded me of fellow Libra Jimmy Carter who told Playboy that a sin in your heart is just as bad as a sin you take action on.

and of course i agree with the president.