are there things in my life i fucking hate? you betcha.

but theres also parts that i fucking love.

after writing a couple of years of dark poetry in college i realized that looking at the negative sad stupid parts of life is easy.

anyone could do it.

worrying about dying, getting fired, getting shot, getting cancer, getting fat,

is also super easy, reactionary, less-than-superior.

not what we were meant to do here.

life is a miracle.

you can believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter. being alive makes no sense.

it’s magic.

for a very short period of time we get to be the embodiment of that magic.

so what are you going to do with that sliver in history?


fuck no.

obsess over the deadends and cockblocking in this giant ass maze called life

or nah?

consider me vice president of nah.