1. Sunday, August 27, 2017

    was having a moral dilemma about stealing the fight 

    i had a pretty decent stream coming thru the ipad

    and no way was i gonna pay $100 for a fight that might end in one minute

    but on the other hand render unto The Money Team whats the Money Team’s.


    i dont wanna use my powers for evil.

    so the pretty girl was laying there getting ready to go out dancing

    and i said hey lets go to this bar and watch the fight there so i dont feel like a terrible person

    and in like 3 minutes we were in a lyft going down Sunset to 33 taps in Silver Lake because i figured, who knows, maybe the used-to-be gay bar Good was really a sorta sports bar after all.

    sure enough all 20 of their tvs were on the fight and they cranked the sound so you could hear it in the parking lot. which was convenient since about 50 of us were out there watching it through bushes and tall people.

    i was super thirsty and there was a liquor store two doors down but we had a good spot next to a see-through-able bush and i was under the impression that the bout wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

    it was nice to be around the people.

    one of the people was a whiny young lady who had poured a can of beer into a Starbucks cup.

    during the intro to the fight she kept saying nasty things about the scene, the matchup, even the singer of the national anthem, miss demi lovato.

    but after the first round when mcgregor showed hints of not being the pushover many thought he’d be, she was trying to get as close to the bushes as we were.

    every connected punch was accompanied by an OOoooooo from the crowd inside and out.

    most of whom were rooting for the boxer Mayweather.

    who, when he did win, was roundly cheered by the audience.

    there were four very upset

    white dudes

    who stormed out of the bar quickly after the fight, cussing.

    one even pushed a woman who was in his way.

    i believe they lost money on the event.

    which, to me, seems impossible.

    we walked home and took this pic.