dear tony, im so tall what do i do

life is a cabaret old chum.

theres no such thing as average. everyone wants to fall within the boundaries.

everyone wants to fit in.

crazy thing is, though is, if you showed me an Average person i probably wouldnt wanna be friends with them.

in fact, nowadays theres a great phase: BASIC

no one wants to be that.

people should fly their freak flags.

show us the thing that the others dont have.

the great thing about this is if you can figure out what makes you unique your friends will be able to tell you immediately.

now heres the tough part:

if that wild card feature is about something lame like your hair or your clothes or your shoes

you should probably either change that

or let out the real thing inside that makes you you.

because i’ll tell you right now, you are not your shoes

you are not your hair. and for damn sure you are not your height.

back before blogs and facebooks and twitters there were AOL chat rooms.

and in those rooms all you were was your user name. and you could be TallBitch988 but only if you truly wanted to be. usually you were MaryfromLA or something

and as you chatted with people they got to learn your personality.

there werent profile pictures or anything that showed who you were visually. it was your ideas.

yes virginia, for a small sliver of Time, people were not judged by the size of their instep

but on the quality of their blah blah blah