1. Thursday, September 7, 2017

    if you ever feel down, youre not alone 

    and it’s easy to feel that way nowadays

    we’ve got a president who seriously doesnt give a damn

    hurricanes all up in our south

    dodgers are falling apart

    less people are paying $13.75 a ticket to see movies

    gas prices, house prices, get your Benz serviced prices.

    i saw a kid, a little kid the other day with his hands in his pockets just crying

    i was all, why you crying little brother

    he said, i just watched the news for 20 minutes.

    i gave him a hug and was arrested immediately.

    does north korea wanna blow us up?

    does russia want us to implode?

    do the republicans want anything else other than mo money mo money mo money?

    will rock and roll ever come back to save our souls?

    and for Heavens sake will uber finally raise their fares or lower their fees so we drivers can catch a break?


    nothing good is coming except Jesus.

    and when He comes it’s the grand finale.

    but here’s the good news:

    nothing in here is true.

    the gray skies will turn blue.

    and i’ll forever love you.

    and that’s how you start walking in the right light.