sometimes youre buying pillows at Fallas Paredes discount store

and you’re waiting in a line that wont move and amber says hey im gonna get some bananas at the Jons and i’ll meet you outside.

and you wait and you wait and as you’re waiting you hear the booming sounds of what appears to be a band playing.

now you’re old enough to remember when rock music used to float through the air all the time.

but those times are long gone.

so when you connect with her outside you say, hey lets go over to that alley to see what local schmos are about to get shut down because clearly this music is too loud.

and as you walk with your pillows and bananas

you see a tiny little crowd in the alley are looking over a fence

and you get closer and notice theres an entire parking lot fenced off with a huge catering situation. really good smelling food and people in chefs outfits scrambling.

then you see a security guard but not in a cheesy Don Knotts outfit but a suit and tie like the Secret Service. and he’s guarding the back of what appears to be a stage.

and then you hear what has to be the worlds greatest Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band break into “Under The Bridge”

and someone nods their head.

and you see Flea’s head bounce above the fence.

and then you realize, uh, this is one of rock’s biggest bands playing 10 feet away from you

playing one huge hit after another.

so you keep standing there with 5-6 others and no one moves you and no one tells you to get lost

and amber goes to a woman smoking by the back door

and the woman says,

Randy Newman is coming on next.

and you’re all,

you mean one of my favorite musicians of all time?

you mean the same guy who I chose to see over seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn w/ BB King or The Who because they were all playing the same night in 1991 in LA


and even though i sorta regret never seeing SRV, i thoroughly enjoyed seeing Randy at the Universal Ampitheater that night.

and the stars say yes.

but it was taking a while.

and two college aged kids came out through the back entrance. past the secret service dude.

and i say, hey is it true that Randy Newman is on next.

and they say are you kidding us right now?

i say no, youre in there do you know if anyone else is playing?

and they say, oh youre serious? we are Randy’s children.

and we LOL and chat and i tell them to tell their dad that he’s amazing.

and 10 minutes later Randy walks from a car to that back entrance and plays.

and as he does Chad Smith from the Chili’s has a smoke and a chat and poses with Amber Smith and then puts on his motorcycle helmet and hops on his bike and zooms home

into the hills of Hollywood.

where 100% true stories like this happen.