theres like four days a year when i have to work late

and tonight was one of them: the student academy awards

there was nothing i could do about it. had to work.

i got some peeks here and there throughout the crazy night.

but for the most part i had to just trust

which i can’t say i did. but i tried.

did what i had to do, didn’t do a bad job, considering

and listened to the last inning as i sped home trying to see even a glimpse of it

but when i was parking they won. they won that damn game!

they head here, to LA!

i could see it. it’s just money. but it’s a lot. and Dodger fans aren’t the coolest come playoffs.

and last year during one of the games Todd and I just sat in the outfield bar

for good luck.

i could do that anywhere.

and thank God i now have that option.

whooooo hoooooooooooo!

cop shows up in my uber backseat, an undercover one

he has a beautiful wife.

but as i have told many before, i can find out everything about my passengers within the first 5 minutes of the ride as long as they talk to me.

it’s like that weird 20 Questions game you can get at the drug store as a stocking stuffer.

whenever i pick up someone from a hotel i ask them if theyre in from outta town and usually they are. so i ask them where and they tell me.

this pair was from Denver. they seemed rich. it was a fancy hotel. Uber Select. going to a fancy restaurant. so i say, may i ask you a question about where youre from?

they straightened up with excitement.

i said, LA will soon have legal weed. your state has had it and has made a billion in tax revenue in less than a year. that seems like a lot of pot. has it negatively affected your city at all? has anything drastically changed?

then he revealed to me that he was a cop. he said that the only thing that has changed is more tourists come to town. other than that crime is neither up nor down. all is well. then he added this:

“the sheriff and i sit on his porch and pass a joint back and forth. it’s nice.”

he did say this interesting fact… that emergency room visits are up, usually from hotels, of tourists who buy edibles and eat too many of them and freak out. they get rushed to the hospital where they just have to wait for the THC to get through their system.

i said, so if LA was to learn anything from Colorado it would be to pay great care to edibles?

he said yes. make sure they are clearly marked with the dosage and each cookie or brownie or whatever should be equal to ONE DOSE.

it was a very pleasant conversation and he gave me a $5 tip and then said

I’d give you $4.20 but you were superb.