do you know whats funny about life?


hi little blog. hi tony. hi little magic thing.

hi tony.

hi little everything.

hi tony.

hi little secret weapon. hi tony.

do you know how many times the xbi tried to shut you down?

yes tony.

do you know how many lies ive told in here? none tony.

do you know how many jobs and monies and girls and trips and doors have opened because of you. fuck yes tony.

do you know how often i used to think of you and now i dont.  no tony.

i once had this beautiful cuban girlfriend who listened to gwen stefani and cooked for me and hugged me and joked but she had this purple imac, one of the new ones and back then id blog three times a day and she didnt like coming to my side of town but i didnt like blogging on her computer

and weirdly that may have been the thing that stopped us from being together forever

but thats not true tony

i know. i know.

nothing in here is true.

(except the weird magic.)

like you.