the older i get the meaner i get

if i was on top of my game i would be bringing LAist back from the dead right now. i would be using the momentum of everyone being sad that it was gone, and i would make something new but the same.

i would do what i did back on 6/6/06 and i would find people who were in to writing for free and in exchange i would give them a platform where they would get read and have access to rock show and movies and whatever they couldn’t get from their own blogs,

and together we would build a community and from that love even greater things would happen like we would all get fancy jobs and become rich and famous, all while telling the tale of LA.

the Village Voice went under, and it looks like the LA Weekly is gonna be a weed weekly, so with LAist kaput and the LA Times on the ropes, there appears to be a giant hole in local LA news and entertainment and it’s only widening.

and if i wasn’t so angry and bitter and unfocused and out of tune i would simply ring the bell, find the right team of writers and photographers and a couple web designers and we would just build and make it happen and sell some ads and get this party re-started.

of all the things im most proud of, LAist is on the top of the list because no one expected us to do what we did and it lasted 10 years after i touched it. and it blossomed.

i firmly believe that as custodians of the Earth it’s our job to make sure that we make things better than how we found them. a very simple job.

but i am stuck at the dumbest part. i dont think as we sit here at the doorstep of 2018 that you can start a new thing without having a corresponding Twitter account and all of the LA names i can think of for a new group blog are taken, mostly by creeps who haven’t even really used those names.

so i think of even newer names but theyre taken too.

i know i can’t use LAist because grampa Ricketts still owns it technically.

and i doubt i have enough $$$ to buy it from him.

but fuck that, i dont wanna give him any money after what he did to everyone.

it is time to start a new thing.

everything must go.

making tea for the bbc

sometimes the things you have to do gets postponed

and the things you want to do receive a new life.

but theres a storm on the horizon. theres darkness approaching.

this computer, gurgles in the morning just like my benz which hiccups sometimes when it starts.

death is looming and i wish there was a way i could prevent it but alas.

my new years resolution will be difficult: im not going to fight people on the internet for a year

and im not going to flip drivers off when they run yellow lights when it’s clear that im trying to turn left.

im not an angry man. nor entitled. but for some reason i automatically expect people to drive courteously in los angeles.

and i expect people to have civilized discourse on the Twitter.

am i insane?

i am insane.

so currently i wage bizarre little battles with my fellow humans in situations where they act the way people do.

most recently i posted something on a facebook group about my little part of LA and some woman said that the corner that i was referring to was “highly ghetto”

and right now i want to rip her into shreds because yes there are people from all over who frequent that corner, and some of them are not super rich and and and

that’s what makes LA so wonderful.

do you think we would have taco culture without brown people? do you think we’d have hip hop culture without black people? does the fact that a corner doesnt have three coffee shops mean that it’s less-than some corner that does?

when i first moved to LA i got corrected a lot by the young women in my life who told me that i was not thinking before i spoke. and i appreciated those corrections.

but as the clash say in career opportunities
Do you wanna make tea at the BBC?
Do you really wanna be a cop?

i dont really wanna be a cop.