1. Tuesday, November 21, 2017

    is everything terrible 

    will the sun come out ever again

    will the moon rise?

    do the birds even wanna chirp chirp chirp in the morning for us

    do we even deserve it?

    CBS the Morning was my jam, it woke me up.

    i loved it because there wasn’t any fucking bullshit in there.

    it was gale and nora and old man charlie rose

    and charlie had seen it all so he sat there a little slumped over, smiling , cute little southern drawl slipping out

    and nora and gayle pretended to flirt with him every now and then

    sometimes theyd bring in the new kids from different CBS news shows but no one wanted them around.

    i loved how only now and then all three were there.

    i loved how one of them was always on vacation.

    i loved it because it made me thing, i wanna be super famous one day.

    so famous that i get to take vacations every six weeks.

    yesterday charlie wasn’t there and that was ok with me.

    but last night we learned why. we learned that Charlie liked to invite female staffers to his home in long island

    and then casually walk around naked. allegedly.

    one woman said he reached down in her dress and she cried the whole time.


    will the stars ever twinkle again?

    are me and my friends the only gentlemen alive?

    are we from a faraway land where we feel slightly ashamed of our not 20yearold bodies

    and thus we would never invite a super model we barely know to watch us shower

    and we would be heartbroken if we made anyone cry.

    at our house.

    in long island.


    and allegedly.

    and all