1. Saturday, November 25, 2017

    sometimes you just drive 

    and the weathers right

    and your car is just floating a little

    and you think, it’s good to have a good car.

    sometimes the radio will play something good

    and unexpected

    like dinosaur jr or janes addiction

    or an old metallica tune will remind you of where



    i was on the radio the other day and the person asked me

    if the fcc destroys net neutrality

    what do you think will happen?

    i said, there was this character in the Firefly movie, Serenity, named Mr. Universe.  he was a reclusive tech nerd who lived on an empty moon with his smoking hot robot “wife”, Lenore.  he was maybe the smartest guy around. so when someone asked him about the bad guys trying to “stop the signal”,

    Mr. Universe said, “you can’t stop the signal.”

    when Uber started appearing in cities, people saw it’s glorious value and unlike many new things, politicians got out of the way because The People were not going to be without decent transportation at the right price.

    The People will not be without fast Internet at a reasonable price.

    the web is not a red blue thing. the web is for everyone.

    not only will the offending ISPs and the politicians who support them go down, but new ISPs will sprout up and leapfrog today’s giants.

    where there is darkness, comes the light.

    and then we took calls.