the difference between being black and white in a grocery store

amber is as sweet as can be, and has no problem parading around in tight, revealing clothes at times

so when i overheard her say hi to a security guard at the grocery store the other day i barely noticed.

then she did something i would never do in a million years in any store:

she opened the pocket of her bag, put something in it

and clasped that pocket shut.

immediately i said, what on earth did you do?

she said, I put my phone in my bag.

i said, did you do it very slowly with nothing else in your hand so the Eye in the Sky could clearly see it?

she laughed at me and went on her way.

a little while later i noticed that she had placed in the cart two containers of Juice that helps you fall asleep.

i asked, oh are you afraid you wont get drowsy tonight?

(sleeping with me is an exciting thrill ride, let me tell you)

a minute or two later i saw the security guard again.

later in line i put the juices on the conveyer belt, but one was empty.

she said, “oh i drank one while we were shopping” and smiled.

when we got home i was all, thats why that guard was following you, you were putting things in your bag, you were drinking things in the store, if you were black you would have been arrested and searched.

she said, i do those things all the time.

i said if you were black you would be dead.

she thought i was kidding. i am not kidding.