it’s 80 degrees outside. it’s not even noon.

im probably gonna go for a little hike because the rest of the country is freezing and

i have just so many podcasts to get through.


the one thing that friends and coworkers have asked me about in 2017 is

when will i have a podcast.

while it’s true that i am an incredible conversationalist

and i love LA deeply, all of it, and i know some interesting los angelenos

and we are missing a huge chunk of LA stories now that we are in a post-LAist, post LA Weekly world

i have always been slow to jump on a bandwagon.

and doesnt it seem like everyone has a damn podcast?

and doesnt it seem like theres maybe one or two worth a damn in the whole wide world?

sure those are some of the things that people said about blogging during the blog boom of ’03

but i think there is something magical about the hyperlink

that a cast will never achieve.

also in the next coming years i wanna do something big.

is a second rate radio show something big?