i think about rock stars a lot

you probably do too.

sometimes i’ll think, would david bowie do this?

would prince put up with that?

would mick jagger wear this?

what would GG think about this?

the answer is usually the opposite of what i was going to do or say or think.

it puts me in my place.

in Heaven i know im gonna be a better dresser.

but there im gonna wanna be a better dresser

im gonna wanna wear crazy shirts

BECAUSE EVERYONES gonna wear crazy shirts.

im gonna wear high waisted pants and tshirts with someone cool on it

because everyone else is gonna have lots of cool things to wear and it will be a differnt sort of competition than it is now.

of course there will be nudists who walk around “honoring” God with just their fruits and berries but i think its more of an honor to Him to show what we can do with our creativity.

right now fashion seems more about wealth and cockiness and anything other than free expression

which is why i wear a garbage bag shirt and and straw hat most of the time

and a cubs shirt on Sundays.