1. Tuesday, December 19, 2017

    it doesnt feel like christmas this winter in LA 

    it’s hot, it’s windy, it’s dusty

    somethings going on weird and it’s made me sick twice in the same month.

    today my boss sent me home cuz i was coughing and snorting and looking half dead.

    so i worked a little at home and passed out on the couch thanks to the benadryl.

    amber was home but then hiked to griffith as i snoozed

    then she ubered to her company party as i researched for next week.

    all while having Mindhunter on in the background, and now Somewhere.

    is this what its all about Prince asks me from the tub

    is this how you turn the corner, Michael meows from the sink.

    the back door makes some noise and then amber arrives, cold cheeks, smiles, cookies tucked in her bag

    heels clicking


    “i like this movie,” she says.



    “but i forget what it’s called.”