today is Christmas

and all around the world little kids are setting up video games and trains and drones and

saving for college and learning how to play guitar, just like in olden times.

amber asks for things, and i usually say no.

she wanted a tree, she wanted stockings over the fireplace, she wanted the fireplace to have fire

no, no, no.

then she said lets go to midnight mass.

being raised catholic but then reading the bible i was all, hey the Church basically lied to me as a kid, screw that noise.

and for the last 25 years instead of going to church i would read the bible for an hour because the Gospel reading was my favorite part of church.

but amber, like most of us, has taken a rocky road to get to where she is today, and i figured, why not go to midnight mass

why the f not!

so i picked her up at work last night at 10:20pm, she was wearing this super tight very short dress, and i had on my evening wear. i had researched various midnight mass services and saw there was one in hollywood that would have a choir and a 12 piece string quartet. little did i know the pipe organ was going to be on full blast too.

it was really nice. valet. at the foot of runyon. and best of all it started at 11pm.

got there. sat on the side. couldnt understand a word the dude was saying. but they had the whole service typed up in a 16 page miselette and  damn the music was great. a combo of old school, new school, and christmas carols. they did parts in latin

and mama mia were they generous on the incense. almost like they thought if we dont shake it 10 times in this corner of the church, old Satan himself is gonna sneak in.

well the preacher missed a spot because as Amber and I got to the altar to kneel and accept our communion, first the priest gave me a wafer and then the chalice of wine. amber, being sober, waved off the wine, but then this lady priest showed up and gave her a second wafer, dipped it in the wine, pushed her foot in amber’s eye and shoved the dripping wafer right down her pretty mouth.

then the incense dude blew some on us.

we left soon after that, tipped the valet, and opened presents before the clock struck 1.

merry Christmas!!!!