1. Saturday, December 23, 2017

    what if you had your little raft 

    and you successfully ran away from home

    you and your bff Jim

    and while others were getting stuck in the weeds

    or eaten by alligators,

    you got the mellow streams and the gorgeous vistas

    and you think river rafting running awaying

    is a super cool chill ride.

    when later someone says, dude i couldnt even get an oar in without some freaky prehistoric beast eating it

    can you really give that person advice?


    you can say go down this route.

    do this one thing.

    try these metal oars.

    but when you say it you should say it nice because gators can freak some people out pretty damn bad.

    dropped off my computer at this joint on Hollywood that says they can transfer my old hard drive to a portable drive

    and its been there two weeks now and they called me to give me an update on it

    and im thinking to myself how hard is it to get Stuff A over to Place B

    but then i think about huck finn and jim

    and those swirly dark shadows on the side of the river


    and maybe life isnt as easy for some as it might as have been with you.

    so be cool.