1. Thursday, December 21, 2017

    when andy warhol was asked what he thinks of his critics 

    he said

    oh… they’re right.

    being a writer or an artist or even a person in the world walking around dealing with other people

    there will be a still small voice in your head that says

    the most terrible negative nonsense

    about how you are horrible at this, or mean to that person

    or stinky or old or naive or out of touch or phony

    and there will be this little





    that says

    tony pierce you are the best in the fucking world

    and i love you.

    at least thats what mine says.

    and if you are going to put yourself out in the world as a public writer or artist or musician or

    just dude proclaiming here i am here i am here i am

    the echo you get back will often be a mixture of stfu with oh god please stfu.

    there is no way to handle that dynamic

    other than handle it.

    and from my time in the crosshairs, the best way that i have learned to deal with it, is to learn from mr warhol

    and just flat out agree with them.

    and then when they’re trying to figure out what just happened,

    go on and do your damn thing anyway.

    and do your best to make your thing bad ass

    cuz lord knows now theyre really gonna let you have it.