nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, December 16, 2017

    saw star wars the last jedi at the 1030 screening 

    i hate being spoiled. i have no idea why people love to ruin movies for others.

    and yet they do which is why i go to movies the night they come out – if not sooner.

    everyone at work were all jacked for the show, which got me into it so i got my tickets a few days ago

    almost to see if i could

    and thankfully every theatre in town was showing it all day and all night

    so we got some on the left side about halfway up at the AMC Burbank 16 and i gotta say, what a great theater.

    it was a big room, stadium seats, and the sound was great.

    the movie was fantastic. wayyyyy better than i expected: scary, thrilling, at times funny. some lessons for one and all.

    one of the lessons i learned from just watching it all was


    im sure this director and Lucas and so many others were in awe of Kubrick’s 2001.

    but for decades they sat there in that awe and made one mediocre space film after another.

    but this guy, this Rian Johnson, he was all, i know this is the Star Wars universe, i know you love Chewie and R2 and the rest

    but im gonna do something a little bit different here.

    in a way its a bit Star Treky which is funny because Trek has found recent success being more like Wars.

    but then he brings out the big guns be them ships or cannons or Walkers or bombers

    and is all,

    say hello to my little friend.

    we all have little friends.

    don’t be afraid to use em.

  2. Friday, December 15, 2017
  3. Thursday, December 14, 2017

    these people who are obsessed with money really intrigue me 

    some are willing to pretend that global warming isnt real

    so they sell out their children and grandchildren’s health and well being in the future so that they can have a few more shekels today

    and i get it, turkey sandwiches at the airport can cost $16

    who wants to sweat it out at the terminal bc your kid wants a turkey sandwhich?

    but you are sweating because you have allowed the oil companies to dig wherever

    you have allowed the coal plants to dump wherever

    and you KNOW that every summer has been hotter and hotter because of your bs but you get on the mic, raise your hand, and say

    the dinosaurs didnt die because of fracking and neither will we.

    others today are willing to sell out

    everyone who uses the internet

    so that Verizon and AT&T and Comcast can pretend that if 35% of their ISP customers use Netflix for a few hours every month that they should be allowed to charge people mo money mo money to use Netflix.

    which, im sorry, is not how the internet works.

    and thats not how life works.

    you are Verizon, you are AT&T, we have already bent the rules so you can be the megacompany that you are.

    if anyone should pay more it’s these corporations who dont pay any taxes

    but instead theyre gonna charge people extra for YouTube extra for Hulu and extra for whatever they can pretend costs them money

    when all along, this is the Internet, something THEY didn’t build. Something the FCC for some reason has let them rule.

    well guess who is in charge of the FCC, some dumbass who used to work at Verizon

    and guess who will be the financial beneficiary of the end of Net Neutrality?

    not you.

  4. Monday, December 11, 2017

    i made it through the wilderness 

    i know i know i know

    but i was sick.

    then i got busy. then i got sick again. now im good.

    im not good good because i have this issue with coughing that i will cough up phlegm but whatever its the winter and im a sensitive poet

    and so many emotional things are happening in and around LA it’s bizarre.

    for instance, at UCSB they had to cancel all of their finals so the kids can run away and hide at their parents house because of the fires up there.

    my favorite teacher has had to pack up her family and shes considering just going to the ocean in a rowboat and watching the world burn from the sea

    meanwhile we are seeing super weird photos of the smoke rising from the santa barbara + ventura region and it’s scary because when I think of the central coast

    i think of the safest region in the whole world

    it’s where i hope to escape to when The Big One strikes LA.

    so to see it in misery like this is horrid. then of course there is the soon death of the Internet via Net Neutrality. Trump is trying to get the Middle East fighting with themselves. And the Cubs lost out on both the great hitter from Miami and the pitcher/hitter from Japan.

    the only thing making me believe in humanity right now are my friends, the pretty girl who parades around my house half nude, and the upcoming Star Wars film which i have secured tickets for on Thursday night at 10pm even though i will probably fall asleep before the previews are over.

    which brings us to Pussy Riot, Russias finest all-female punk band

    who plays this week, two different nights in LA, and i wanna see it but i have to make money at Uber

    and im so tired,

    so tired.



  5. Thursday, December 7, 2017

    ordered some thai food because i was tired of soup 

    sunday soup, monday soup, tuesday wednesday soup soup

    amber has been learning how to crock pot and shes a quick learner, gotta say

    and she makes all my favorite things: carrots, broccoli, potatoes

    but today i needed a change of pace

    thai soup.

    milky. spicy. with a little tofu in there for ya.

    noodles. chicken. sticky rice.

    it cost a days wages but tonight we celebrate

    because i have been healed.

  6. Wednesday, December 6, 2017

    there was a text message that was sent out today in LA 

    it said:

    the fires from today that shut down the 405 freeway and burned down rupert murdoch’s mansion and vinyards and displaced people and animals and birds and wildlife is only going to get stronger tonight as the winds are expected to reach upwards of 70 miles an hour in the canyons and passes. so be cool and do what we say if we have to text you again.

    sleep tight.

    but no one is sleeping tight.

    all day the air has been gray or worse. it’s snowing soot.

    the cars all have a gross little film on it.

    they’re passing out little face masks in the valley so you dont have to breath the stuff in

    at ucla someone put one on a statue of the bruin bear.

    i stayed inside like a shutin

    ive been sick for the last couple days, hacking, sneezing, trying to sleep.

    i feel better right now and i hope to go to work tomorrow.

    not everyone gets to go to work tomorrow.

    some people have no homes tonight. some have nothing.

    i have so much i dont even know what to do.

    i heard Lyft was giving people free rides to rescue areas and i wanted to volunteer for that.

    but my mom taught me a long time ago that if you dont go to school cuz youre sick you cant play at night.

    even if it is for nice things, like saving your town.

    which i hope wont need saving tomorrow,

    but we are worried.

  7. Monday, December 4, 2017

    sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen 

    today i couldnt sit still. today i couldnt lay down. today i couldnt walk far. today i sneezed and coughed and puked.

    i am the most sensitive poet youve ever seen. i am such a drama queen.

    if you prick me i will never let you forget it.

    i bled today. a vacuum cleaner arrived at my doorstep and i tried to open it with scissors

    and i pulled it all toward me and


    the cats scattered.

    i coughed and sneezed and bled and wheezed

    yet for some reason the pretty girl in a skin tight captain america shirt

    and booty shorts said, wanna find the f blanket?

    theres this blanket that i wanna write a screenplay about

    we put it down over the comforter on special occasions.

    the movie i wanna make about it will be a short.

    no words, just animation,

    how the f blanket first gets used,

    then the two giggle as they lay it down the next day and next day.

    after a while its there all the time.

    then week after week it falls off the bed, then under the bed.

    one day the boy puts it on the bed and the girl gets a twinkle in her eye

    but he lays one of the cats on it and clips its toenails.

    then falls asleep.

    eventually the blanket goes into the closet.

    and accidentally catches fire, burning down the house.

    only the cats survive.

    all that scatter practice.

  8. Saturday, December 2, 2017

    there are some people who are rooting against you 

    which is weird because life is short

    and im always gonna win.

    been kicked around from one H&R Block to another these last couple of weeks. have i told you im being audited?!

    whoo boy.

    so at HRB you can get this insurance for $40 that says if the IRS audits you, they will help you win

    and they will even go to court with you if it goes that far.

    as a former electronics salesman who was harassed by management to sell the extended warranties, if someone offers me one these days i just say fuckit and pay.

    life is short.

    render unto caesar whats caesars.

    sometimes you get lucky and the insurance pays off. like right now. only problem seems to be that none of the agents wanted to handle my case because, i dont know, maybe they dont get paid for it?

    so i went to glendale first but they said we’re in glendale, you gotta do this in LA. which im pretty sure isn’t true, but one thing i know about life, if someone doesn’t wanna help you, thats not really the person you want in your corner when taking on the IRS.

    they sent me to k town. but that dude didnt show up. at all. then they sent me to wilshire but then that dude said he had to wash his hair on saturday could i come by during the week before 5? i said i work for a living Leroy, no i cant get in there before 5. so i went in there during lunch and demanded the manager.

    i said what in the hong kong is going on in here? i said every year i give you people $380 plus $40 insurance to do my dumb taxes and now that i actually need you, now that the government is saying you effed up im getting the cold shoulder?

    let it be known i said this in an uncomfortably loud volume so everyone in the joint could hear me.

    i was quickly given an appointment for today. and the woman i got was so good i wanted to hug her. we laughed and laughed and she complimented my attention to detail and i told her that its weird but everything i do for uber lyft i do 100%. super bizarre.

    and she said ok im gonna do what i gotta do and if you come back next week we will submit it and you will probably be perfectly fine. i said, are you kidding? she said nope. i think i already see the problem and all will be well.

    then my car’s engine light went on and i said i guess we’re going to the dealer now. and i went and the guy said we dont have any loaners today can i call you an uber? i said i have a lot of errands to run today will you be paying for my uber all weekend?

    and suddenly a brand new benz rolled out with a bow and my name on it

    for the weekend.

    so fast.

    you steer with your index finger.

  9. Friday, December 1, 2017

    i think about rock stars a lot 

    you probably do too.

    sometimes i’ll think, would david bowie do this?

    would prince put up with that?

    would mick jagger wear this?

    what would GG think about this?

    the answer is usually the opposite of what i was going to do or say or think.

    it puts me in my place.

    in Heaven i know im gonna be a better dresser.

    but there im gonna wanna be a better dresser

    im gonna wanna wear crazy shirts

    BECAUSE EVERYONES gonna wear crazy shirts.

    im gonna wear high waisted pants and tshirts with someone cool on it

    because everyone else is gonna have lots of cool things to wear and it will be a differnt sort of competition than it is now.

    of course there will be nudists who walk around “honoring” God with just their fruits and berries but i think its more of an honor to Him to show what we can do with our creativity.

    right now fashion seems more about wealth and cockiness and anything other than free expression

    which is why i wear a garbage bag shirt and and straw hat most of the time

    and a cubs shirt on Sundays.

  10. Thursday, November 30, 2017

    today is danielle’s birthday, shes 24 

    here’s whats sad about this day. i think it’s been more than a year since ive seen My Love.

    it’s been so long that the place where we met, where this beautiful photo of her was captured, is no longer there.

    danielle and i met at E! which is no longer at 5750 Wilshire. the halls where she once skipped are occupied by another.

    this is what happens when you move to san dieger, LA gets sad and tries to move on, but it never does.

    the irony is danielle left to study french film and now im the one in the heart of cinema. im the one driving up and down hills of pacific palisades watching the sunset, sighing, wondering if danielle is seeing the same colors

    breathing the same breezes

    chasing the same sea gulls.

    for those of you who miss her blog, danielle is still living large with her doctor beau. she is still as stylish as ever and she still has exquisite taste. during the summer Amber needed a place to Air BnB down in san diego and i inquired from danielle if she would rent out her pad for the weekend. she said she would let Amber stay there for freeee. which is the right price.

    when amber got there she called me and said danielles place is phenomenal. everything here is beautiful and girly and classy and just right. it’s a dream inside of a wish.

    which is the perfect way to describe todays birthday girl herself.