do you know i love you, i do

i have been blogging since the begining of time.

i was handed a macbook pro, and some blazing fast internet

the Creator said, do your thing my dude

and right away i was documenting the comings and goings of hollywood, isla vista, and all points in between.

with a twist.

in the last 16 years alone i have authored over 11,000 posts and made friends from all around the world due to this humble URL.

weirdly i tell anyone who will listen that nothing in here is true, and yet they still believe it all and root me on.

no one more heartily than my dear mother and closest friends.

i am so blessed i cant even believe it sometimes. it’s disgusting. im sick to my stomach now. hold up. brb.

the trick to success, as i have seen it, is to utilize the fact that we have two eyes two ears and just one mouth.

aka listen and learn before type type typing.

trust me when i tell you this is hard for me. because i have 10 fingers AND 10 toes.

and believe me when i tell you that there is plenty to see and hear and learn from here in LA,

so this blog has been a constant battle of waiting and writing.

for the first 12 years i didnt do much waiting and learning and seeing.

lately i have been doing a lot of soaking in.

especially the uber stuff

which initially was just a way to learn and watch and listen

but now has turned into something weirder and more loving

and something that i think about every day

in a good way.

which is to say this. if you follow me on instagram, you will know that i have been watching a movie every day. and then writing a sentence or two about it.

when i am in the theatres the weirdest thing happens: i think about work. never uber, but my real job.

even last night, during Paddington 2, something that had nothing to do with the innerworkings of my gig, there i was trying to figure out how to be better at it as that cute little bear worked out ways to handle Hugh Grant.

i dont know why its easier to blog about uber, but it is. and this blog could be 100% that.

i also dont know why i never think about uber on my down time.

but i dont.

maybe it’s because i already know im the best in the world at it.

no question.

no offense.