1. Thursday, January 11, 2018

    how do you prove you’re creative 

    how do you show someone you’re the one

    how do you say im a great leader but im also good on a team

    what if you show them a goal where its you and four of them

    and they say but wheres your teammates?

    can you say my teammates are in my heart?

    can you say my teammates passed me the puck?

    can you say my teammates are the wind beneath my wings?

    how do you do anything if you think about it so much?

    yogi berra was in this terrible slump and his manager casey stengel was all, yogi do this

    then his teammate mickey mantle said, yo yogi try this

    then his other teammate billy martin said, pizan why arent you doing this?

    so yogi went to the plate and struck out.

    he moped back to the dugout and before anyone could say anything he yelled


    how do you tell them you could always hit

    how do you tell them the luck in your life has always been your great teams

    not your hits?

    and your wins were always shared experiences that you loved loved loved

    which is why youre still friends with everyone.