1. Thursday, February 15, 2018

    shes a good girl, crazy about elvis 

    so i was all lets get lost

    and as prepared as you think you might be

    theres always something’s you dont account for:

    the traffic on the 405 to the LBC

    that your roku batteries might not be good

    or that you left your lighter on the coffee table.


    if she really is a good girl, she will be all

    i have a lighter.

    and finally you start to see why purses are so valuable.

    amber is from the valley and one thing i will attribute to her birthplace is

    it doesnt matter how your pad is laid out

    or how big the suite is

    she will dump her makeup on the floor (!)

    sit right down on the hardwood or carpet

    and go to town.

    here we are on the 29th floor of a four decade old hotel and as soon as she got out of the shower, there she was bareassed on the purple carpet as if it was no biggie

    maybe it is no biggie

    maybe the indians would have done exactly the same thing if they were transported back in time.

    maybe i am thinking like a small minded fool.

    the other day we drove cheech to his home and on the way he told us about this pho restaurant at caesars thats opened late

    so amber is slipping into the tightest dress ive ever seen

    which means i will either look like her pimp

    or her John

    because all i have is some ripped jeans and a motorhead tshirt.

    but at least i have a lighter.