sometimes nice things happen


which is why you should never give in to the dark side

which is why you should never suicide

and why you should never listen to those who are negative nellys

as one of the handful of people who have worked in both “newsrooms” (LAist was my couch 10 years ago), i can tell you that this has the makings of a beautiful romance.

the people who make up KPCC are exactly the type of people who can help LAist get to the next level – wherever that is.

and LAist website traffic and social footprint was larger than the Pasadena NPR station’s, so the lil blog that could is a beautiful acquisition for KPCC.

and one of the sweet bonuses is there are living, breathing people at KPCC who used to work at LAist and vice versa.

the question is, will KPCC allow LAist to truly work independently, will the radio station help the bloggers literally find their voice on the airwaves and podcasts, and if something breaks on one side will the other side get bent out of shape?

these are the same exact questions that, I’m sure Gothamist and DCist are asking with their new NPR partners in one of the more interesting mergers media has had in a very long time.

i dont know about those other cities, but LA has truly missed LAist over the last 4 months (it has seemed longer than that) in part because the LA Weekly has refused to deliver even the slightest bit of news. so this is a godsend for millions of people who have grown accustomed to LAist filling in the gaps that the LAT has either found uninteresting or unable to cover.

the biggest winners of all will be the residents of Pasadena who will find their city covered better than ever.

thank you, anonymous rich person, for generously doing the right thing for news, Los Angelenos and Optimism.