theres two techniques to getting a fare on lyft

you can either drive around to your favorite spots

or you can just go to your most favorite spot and wait.

usually im too hyper to wait so i just drive and drive and drive. who knows if you are actually driving to the hot spot or if you are leaving where something good was about to happen

but one thing for sure when you do that: you burn gas

another thing for sure when you do that: you increase your chances for getting into a crash.

so over the last few days ive been waiting.

i just sit there and read twitter or the news or text amber or think about taking a nap.

last night i was at my favorite spot and i got a ping on Lyft Premiere. bonus: it alerted me that it would be a “long ride” that would take 45 minutes or more.

typically on a thursday that means it is a trip to LAX, but last night i got lucky and we went to West Hills.

great guy, undercover hacker, told me all his secrets.

admitted that americans arent as good as russian or chinese hackers because we are lazy or can become lazy far quicker than our enemies because we get fat and middle class to quickly.

i said the key to success is the hustle.

he was all, you got that right comrade.

we took the 405 to the 101 in rush hour and he noted that i am ridiculously cool under the pressure of traffic.

what traffic i said as miles’ birth of cool eased out of the speakers.

he was like, is this miles? i said yep.

he said, with trane? i said, nope.

he said, oh with bird?

i said this was right inbetween that period. after parker, before coletrane. he said where did you learn that? i said every sunday i turn on jazz and read the bible for an hour.

he said how long have you been doing that for? i said since college.

he said, how long ago was that.

i said well, lets put it this way, i had a 300 baud modem at the time.

and we laughed as we drove through the western valley with its wide boulevards and shirtless denizens

on an unusually warm last night of january.

$69 fare + $5 tip.