they want what you have

one of the more fascinating things about my life is at almost every turn

and i dont say this as a victim, even though it may come across that way,

but people want what i have.

and then they ruin it.

since day one people have told me how to run this blog: what to put on it, what to delete, what to change up

theyve had plenty of time to make their own blogs. do they do it? nope.

three times ive been paid money to run other peoples blogs

each time the blogs i was handed were ok, and i turned them into something way better than ok.

and then, after i leave, poof theyre gone, after others swore they wanted to improve them.

but theyre gone.

it’s almost like living in a house and no one plays the piano, but then i start playing it

and it sounds beautiful after a while. and all these people gather to listen and applaud.

then someone else takes the piano, rolls it down the street, and throws it into the grand canyon.

maybe thats my lot in life. maybe thats what satan and the lord are doing, like im Job

but instead of giving me warts all over my body and killing my family to see if i crack

they just give me notes all day and when im not looking try to murder the sand castles i build.

but the cubs won the world series, haters, i will never crack now.