who’s that bald head in the bottom right corner?

sometimes i dont know who to be. sure you’ll say be yourself but

no, you cant be yourself. because yourself might be someone who honks at someone when they cut you off.

and then yourself might be someone who flips that person off after they slam their brakes on you.

and then yourself might be someone who, when invited to join the bad driver into a home depot parking lot


in life we are sometimes lured into that very same trap and if you’re being yourself

you just might fall for it, but if you are being the person you have been trained to be

you politely pass and go on with your day.

my day started with that bad driver. it was 8am. i was driving amber to pop physique. and then i was off to the annual nominees luncheon where i was to create an Instagram Story to our 1.4 million followers.

i wasn’t able to get much sleep the night before, but there i was seriously considering being a tad late for work to remind one BMW driver that the person who they cut off, brake check, and flip off

might be a former xbi agent, who foolishly thought that if he got those plates would send enough of a message to the jerkoffs on the streets to reconsider. but no. twas i who was the fool.

did my thing at the beverly hills hilton. met some people. chatted with my old boss. didnt make a misstep.

until i returned back to the office where i had to do some extra. and it was there that your hero hit a wall.

ran outta gas. threw in the emotional towel. ran out of blood sugar.

and made some mistakes.

then on the text message machine, was short with amber, because i was trying to concentrate, and wires were crossed, so we met at the grocery store. and over paid.


then went to the taco house. and the lady only spoke spanish and thought i said 6 tacos when i meant 2.

so i was all, whatevs, lets give 4 to the homeless. so i drove to this gas station. amber popped out. i said give him my giant mexicoke too.

dude goes I DONT WANT YOUR DAMN TACOS, but she convinced him.

but then he got up and marched from the bus stop bench to a pay phone.

placed the bottle on top of the phone and i left him in the dust cuz i was all, that fools gonna launch that bottle at us.

and i didn’t want him to see my magnetic shields in action.

and god knows who else.

so we zoomed before it got close.

i said, just lets get home in one piece.

then amber said i got us tickets to a show in new york.

and i was all, new york city?

pace picante sauce?

and i am so tired.