today is liana’s birthday, the only liana ive ever known

here we are at the premier of kill bill 2, one of my all time favorite movies.

do you know rare that is, when you get to go somewhere with someone you like, and its free, and they give you free popcorn and coke,

and some cool toys and a poster

AND it turns out that you love the movie?

what i also like about this picture is her Flip Phone.

before smart phones there were flip phones. pretty sure in that picture she’s saying, “hello, police, i really dont know this person, can you rescue me?”

last night it rained and rained and it sounded so good on the window

amber, who had been napping since she got home, woke up around 11pm

and said, i am so lucky. and she delivered this sweet little list of all the things she is grateful for.

i said, i am grateful too.

and i am.

so much of my life has been free popcorn, incredible girlfriends, and favorite movies ever.

and toys and free stuff and flip phones.

today it’s super sunny out because the angels above want Liana to have a happy birthday today and i hope she has one because she is cool.