dont let the cheery disposition fool you

i can be very mean sometimes.

i try to hold it in. i do. i am a Libra.

but i am also on the Scorpio cusp so that tail is always moving, always wagging, always looking to


and when it strikes i feel bad because in my heart all i want are the hippie things: peace and love

i never want to use my superpowers for anything other than to make magic

and to help people feel wonderful,

but sometimes someone will cross the line.

how are they supposed to know that the xbi taught a few of us to read minds.

how are they supposed to know that their lies trigger a sound only we can hear.

how are they supposed to know the real reason i shave my head and wear a cubs hat.

i warn them by driving a car that says xbi right on it

i write about it all the time.

and still they treat me like i dont have this curse.

a black kid in an all white school will never be normal which is why they recruited me and made me

the polar opposite of normal.

even less normal than i was gonna be.

i did and do everything to balance the scales, i dress like poop i eat like poop i let the belly grow

i mispronounce misspell watch tmz read twitter and dont read books

i try to fit in but theres no fitting in because even in a facebook message i can tell when youre full of shit

and that tail will come out

and i dont miss.

she says you should write a book and i say baby youre reading it.