1. Thursday, March 22, 2018

    do i have a perfect life? no. 

    is this the life i thought i would have?

    is my savings account what it should be?

    am i driving the car i ever imagined i would be?

    do i look like how i predicted?

    do people view me the way i hope they would?

    is this world the way i hope it would be?

    is this country, this city, this block the way i thought it would be?

    no no no no no.

    but in some ways it’s way better than i could ever have imagined.

    for example my internet speed at home is like 300+ MBs

    alllll the time.

    i can listen to any recording Miles Davis ever laid down just by saying Hey Siri fuck me up with Miles Davis

    i can walk a mile in any direction and eat the best thai mexican or vegan food for less than an hours wages.

    i am in excellent health. my Cubs are going to win the World Series again.

    and my mom is a phone call away.

    this is how i count my blessings after being dragged down into the murky dark depths of twitter each morning.