1. Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    last night amber and i saw Adam Sandler live in concert 

    it was a 2 hour and 40 minute concert stand up show that will soon be on Netflix.

    held in a newly renovated old theater near MaCarthur Park, the joint only held 100 people and because Amber cooperated in rushing across town, we were in the 3rd row

    so you might see us in the film when its released.

    there were many things to love about it

    firstly adams guitar playing is surprisingly good. for a comedian.

    you know how you might go to a party and someone is pretty good but you just go on to the next room because who cares? well the good news is once he stopped playing he told some jokes so dirty that even young amber blushed a bit.

    he also did the saddest song about chris farley.

    it was super good.

    when it was over we drove home and someone had left the stove on. gas flames just fluttering.

    telling us both: your lives are gonna be over soon, party while you can.

    so i slinked into something more comfortable and amber did too and we cuddled up and watched Desus and Mero and then fell asleep watching the Daily Show.

    no matter how glamourous you think other people’s lives are, they’re just like Us.

    then in the middle of the night i experienced something that happens to me about once a year. all this bile in my gut finds a path to my throat while im snoozing. and there it tries to suffocate me. but then the angel in the outfield whispers: wake up fool.

    but last night it also said, and dont barf on the pretty girl.

    and i leapt up and aimed at the carpet.

    and the barf hit the side of  the bed and the oriental throw rug. and not the blonde.


    and in the morning neither of us remembered what happened that well. which is why i have video cams on at all times.

    in vivid colour.