there were awards, and everyone won

heres the funny thing about me and this blog. i hate telling stories about the recent past.

i dont ever want to have to relive what i just did, even if what happened was great, and successful, and beautiful and awe inspiring and weird and blah blah blah

i just dont wanna rehash it.

but yes i was able to get amber in and my brother and his girlfriend and theres pictures somewhere

and all the people won and all the people lost and dresses and tuxes and

i had sore feet like halfway through it but i persisted and i was exhausted for three days straight

maybe because im old maybe because 40,000 steps in two days is tiring and maybe because i shoulda worn sneakers.

and if i am lucky enough to have another all access pass maybe i will spend more time in the diamond lane of the red carpet and a little time in the bleachers and a tad more time at oscar orchestra rehearsals and i will go to the Oscar Concert and i will get a tad more sleep.

other than that all was perfect and maybe the best was drinking a rum n coke in the hotel bar at midnight with amber stretched out in a corner looking at each other saying

holy fuck did that really happen.