we had hot n juicy last night

amber was all, fuck these gloves

lets just eat with our dirty ass fingers

so we took off the plastic protectors

spilled the crawfish and shrimp and sausage and corn and potatoes on the plastic tarp of the table

we slid our sodas aside

and she dug in

i shoved my face right in there

people stared and when i came up i said mgmmagajldsajklddsjklsd

motown was playing

eighteen basketball games were on the tvs

they were selling free calendars at the register. but the best thing was they had a sink


of the bathroom so you could just wash your hands and fingers and nostrils right there

without having to go into a stinky litrene


and now i have leftovers that my man josh says i should toss into an omelette.

hot n juicy: corner of santa monica and la brea next to the target