weird day today, maybe it was the mercury retrograde lsd

my beard is growing in so it’s itchy.

yelled at this guy at a red light. he rolled down his window. i rolled down mine.

i did most of the yelling.

the whole time he was smiling, like he thought he knew me, or worse

like he was an undercover angel sent from above to see how im doing


angels always have the little smiles that kill me.

deep down i was pissed because my uber app wasn’t working right

and when i called them for help the woman had no clue what i was talking about or how to fix it.

you could tell she was somebody’s mom in Manila and she needed to make a few extra bucks and all she had to do was type things into a computer and the script would tell her what to do.

but this wasnt something that a script could fix. a real person at Uber has to reset something, then i gotta reset something

so i said, i am so not mad at you, lady, i am mad that uber would put you in this situation.

i said can you just transfer me to your supervisor and she said he’s busy. i said what about the smartest person in the room. and she said she’s busy too.

i said can you just let me wait. i will wait all night if i have to because im seeing The Darkness tomorrow and Friday is Good Friday and a brother can’t work on Good Friday it’s like the holiest day and then Saturday is

and the phone disconnected.

and i was outside the westwood W, parked under a street light.

it was so quiet you could hear the crickets saying fuck you to each other.

so i called my mom.

the best mom ever.