the best medicine

for some reason i still have friends inside the xbi

one of them ESPed me last night as I was at the Foods Co off Hoover

What are you doing there?


Are you poor now?

ahahah shut up. whats going on bro.

Dude have you been having brutal headaches lately?

yep. for about three weeks.

Well I ran across someone’s screen and they’ve been pummeling you with vicious amounts of pain. What have you done to them?

same old same old.

But, like what spawned all of this? Who did you piss off?

hell if i know. last year i slowed down on my blogging. i thought they’d like that. maybe it’s because i have a girlfriend now?

Why did you do that?!?!

man can’t live on bread alone.

True. True. So what have you done to counteract the onslaught? You should be a mess right now.

easy, ive been doing the one thing they know nothing about.




i just told you.

I didn’t get it.

laughter. does anyone remember laughter?

Are you serious?

it’s the best medicine. and it works. it shines light on the darkness. and best of all it’s contagious. you should try it someday.

Oh and put myself on their radar? No. Thank. You. I will quietly toil away trying to do as little as possible until I can find a way out of here. 

that’s cool. i’ll be over here with a pretty girl, drinking pop, laughing whenever possible.

And being barraged by headaches?

the more you laugh, agent, the less strength their negative vibes affect you. not sure why. don’t care why. but i gotta go, ive probably said too much.

and then i bought some avocados.