weed is legal in california, and yesterday we were invited to a weed thing

trust me, i dont believe it either. i grew up thinking that even though weed never killed nobody and guns kill everyone, one of the strange dichotomies of the world would be that guns would be legal and weed would not.

forever and ever amen.

but once colorado and then oregon didnt blow up in a spectacular explosion of OMG after they legalized Satan’s Sunflower, the floodgates opened and everyone with sense wanted their states to get in on the greenrush of the 21st century. not only was the tax money great but secretly many of these holier than thou nay sayers remember the time when they toked the sticky icky back in college and giggled and ate and fell asleep with stupid smiles.

amber is more connected than you think and being a concierge at one of the fanciest hotels in 90210 has its perks. one of them is high class companies want to get in their heads so when VIPs ask things like “wheres a good sushi joint nearby” or “how can i score weed”? they will answer in an educated way.

Dosit, formerly Hmblt, is a California weed company with a unique vapor pipe. For $45 you can get one of Dosit’s 6 different strains that will either slow you down, pick you up, or steer you into a mood somewhere inbetween. Unlike smoking the traditional way of pipe, bong, or apple, vaping produces no skunky smell. Thus fancy pants hotels LOVE them. (as do their fancy pants guests.)

but what makes Dosit such a compelling device is it has this little vibrator in the pipe so you know when you have ingested the recommended dose. Thus you will never get “too high” if you just take one or two puffs. It’s weird to think that people need help to know when theyre doing too much, but people do. especially newbies or stoned people.

last night’s meeting was at a fancy beverly hills rental house where delicious foods were served and beautiful members of the Dosit company explained its name change, the various strains, and all the ways hotels can connect their guests to these devices without having to actually sell them the units themselves.

but best of all we got to taste the merchandise.

Dosit has several strains with cute names like Bliss, Arouse, Passion, Sleep, and Relief, but the one that intrigued me the most was Calm.

Calm has only trace amounts of THC (the natural element that gets you high) but a bunch of CBD that chills you out, especially if you are experiencing anxiety.

one of the employees told me that sometimes people eat too many edibles or experience weed that is way too strong for them. the solution: a few puffs of Calm which will bring them back to Earth.

so i tried some Passion, some Bliss, and when we were about to get into our Uber i puffed on some Calm to see if it brought me down. I can’t say it did (maybe I had had too much fun) but i loved the concept and will eagerly try it again if i ever do find myself in a perilous situation.

the 200 hit pipes go for $125 making it a pretty decent value. and best of all if you return your spent weed pens to the place of purchase they will give you $5 back, thus all of this was recycling, which Mother Earth appreciates.

i slept like a baby last night and woke up with a smile this morning. thanks Dosit!