1. Tuesday, April 3, 2018

    in the days of chimpanzees i was a drive in 

    she didnt mean any harm. long legs. short hair. didnt care.

    hopped in the back seat, verified where we were headed and just sat there.

    sometimes if they are looking out the window i’ll say something like

    so whats happening where we’re going.

    and they’ll tell me just going home

    or theyre going to a party or

    and sometimes they will tell you the saddest thing in the world

    like theyre going to a funeral or a bar

    or theyre gonna just go to a park and sit and cry.

    one girl told me, sometimes i just want to get out of my own neighborhood

    walk around where no one knows me

    and just think about all the things i did wrong all week.

    id say baby you didnt do anything wrong.

    and she’d cry super quiet back there.

    and id turn up the jazz louder so she could have some space.

    and id drive super fast so we could get their quicker.

    and give her five stars when we got there.