dear tony, how do i get this thing that i want?

the vast majority of questions that i have gotten recently are about attaining things. material objects, dreams, jobs, etc

and the answer is ridiculously simple: persist.

as we know from video games, nearly all of your opponents will be dumb, slow, and eventually predictable.

only at the end of the level will you be challenged with a person or a scenario where you might fail a few times (or more than a few times) before you succeed.

learn from these battles and look for the patterns.

if the giant slaps you twice with his left hand before going for his crossbow, then stop what you are doing on the second slap and dive at him when he reaches back.

same with life. note what your reactions are to things and how those become unhelpful to that particular move. maybe you are the one who is tipping off his patterns.

if you want the attention of a pretty girl, for example, and you find that you keep needing to have your lawyer pay them off so they doesn’t rat you out to the press

maybe getting a new lawyer isn’t the answer.

we all want to get as many points in this video game as we can, but we also should do it in as cool a way as possible.

the first time i actually wanted to be someone else was when i was at the roller rink watching this one dude dominate on Defender while smoking a cigarette while on roller skates. he was probably 14 . he played with ease. he was not reacting to the onslaught he was dancing within the patterns.

he knew not to shake the machine by yanking the controls because his beer would spill.

study what it is that you want.

be cool about it.

dont quit and dont spill yr beer.